Dichroic Beamsplitters

45° Single-edge Dichroic Beamsplitter

DELTA is one of the few companies that can produce low-bending dichroic beamplitter

DELTA’s dichroic beamsplitters feature high transmission band, high reflection band and edge steepness.

DCLP – Long Wave Pass Dichroic

DCSP – Short Wave Pass Dichroic

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Dichroic Beamsplitter.

These single-edge dichroic beamsplitters feature:

  • Can be designed to have a low bending.
  • Ultra-Hard-Coated filters.
  • Scratch/Dig Optical Surface Specifications 60/40 (TopPrideTM), else 80/50.
  • Standard dimension is a plate 26 mm x 36 mm x 1 mm – other dimensions on request.
  • The wavelength given in the denomination is typically the edge wavelength where the transmission of the filter has reached 50% of the average transmission level.
  • The data sheets show typical transmission curves for unpolarised light and an AOI=45°.

If you need further information, please contact us. We can also develop your custom specific beamsplitter.


FilterPart NumberR(nm)T(nm)Price (€)Details
DCLP 395LF101580R(340-380)T(410-750)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 403LF101833R(363-389)T(417-515)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 425LF101717R(350-415)T(435-650)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 490LF101718R(350-480)T(500-650)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 495LF102021R(452-490)T(505-800)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 495 – TopPrideTMLF101621R(455-487)T(508-600)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 495 – TopPrideTMLF101786R(445-485)T(504-554)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 498LF101831R(451-484)T(512-608)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 500LF102061R(470-490)T(508-675)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 510LF101618R(400-490)T(530-800)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 510LF101608R(400-490)T(530-800)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 535LF102008R(360-525)T(545-650)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 560LF101598R(490-552)T(580-700)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 560LF101541R(490-552)T(580-700)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 560 – TopPrideTMLF101705R(520-551)T(568-655)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 565LF101720R(405-555)T(575-650)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 570LF102106R(525-556)T(580-650)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 570LF102022R(525-556)T(580-650)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 580LF101593R(448-560)T(600-800)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 585LF101578R(533-580)T(595-800)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 590 – TopPrideTMLF101721R(553-585)T(599-660)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 600LF101818R(430-588)T(615-800)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 605 – TopPrideTMLF101623R(570-594)T(612-685)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 615LF101713R(579-601)T(629-725)172 BuyData sheet
DCLP 660LF101619R(630-650)T(670-720)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 660LF101657R(630-650)T(670-720)129 BuyData sheet
DCLP 660LF101723R(400-648)T(672-800)172 BuyData sheet

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